Football Player Management

Peter Paleologos is a FIFA recognised player agent licensed by the Football Federation of Australia.


Peter provides a comprehensive player agent and management service to football (soccer) players.


Peter credentials include amongst other things, being a qualified Australian lawyer and he has recently completed a Masters in Sport Business.


Peter Paleologos aims to offer a holistic approach to the player management services he provides to all clients, by ensuring each client receives an honest appraisal, integrity in the contractual service process, professionalism and effective communication.


Peter is a Sports Management Professional who provides more than just agent arrangements to his clients, often acting as mentor and providing clients with insights on a wide range subjects from career development to advice on their post football career. Peter also represents the player at contract negotiations and can arrange marketing and endorsement contracts for his elite clients.


In essence Peter provides the eight essential functions performed by sports agents/managers:


  • Negotiating the playing contract
  • Marketing the player to clubs
  • Negotiating the player's endorsement contracts
  • Financial planning referrals
  • Career and post career planning
  • Dispute resolution and Tribunal support
  • Risk Management and Legal issues
  • Mentor and a sounding board for a player's concerns

Moreover, Peter specialises in the following player agent and management services:


  • Represents Australian players to obtain trials and contracts at Australian A-League clubs;
  • Represents Australian players to obtain trials and contracts at clubs in the English, European and Asian markets;
  • Represents International players to obtain trials and contracts within Australia;
  • Career pathway & training development plans for Australian under 18 players;
  • Short term trials and training stints for Australian players in European Youth Football Academies (strictly only in accordance with FIFA guidelines);
  • Referral of Australian youth players to specialised coaches and mentors.

INFORMATION for ALL players who require representation or want to organise a meeting with Peter Paleologos.

If you have a DVD and/or player profile resume, please send it to the LIBERO Consulting's mailing address:

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You can also contact Peter by email or telephone.