Football Research

Peter Paleologos and Libero Consulting have conducted seminal and leading original research into both the Australian football landscape and the significant factors that affect Australian footballers in their objective to become professional players.

This research includes the flowing reports and studies:

  • The first Australian in-depth player scouting ecosystem report
  • A study into A-League National Youth League/Y-League players transitioning to professional contracts
  • International football club trials : The competitive scene confronting Australian players 
  • European Youth League pathway options for Australian players
  • A domestic transfer system model for the Football Federation Australia’s consideration
  • Detailed submissions on Football Academies in Australia provided to the Football Federation New South Wales review
  • Detailed research and recommendations submitted to the Football Federation Australia pathway panel
  • Detailed analysis and recommendations submitted to the European Football Agents Association concerning what should be included in the new FIFA Player agent regulations earmarked for implementation in late 2021

Six of these research reports (PDF versions) are freely available (below) for football stakeholders to review.


Football Projects & Consulting

Peter Paleologos and Libero Consulting have completed a varied array of football consulting and legal/regulatory projects.

These projects include as follows:

Seminal Moments in Australian Football Agency

From 1995 to 2023 - A Chronology (pdf - 136kb)