• A feasibility study into Australia undertaking a bid to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup
  • Developers of The Australasian Premier League
  • Star League
  • Draft Training/Coaches indemnity waiver proposal
  • contribution to the Crawford report
  • contribution to the NSL taskforce report
  • Developing and operating a player based managed investment scheme
  • Rugby Fusion project
  • Football and Rugby player branding and Players Union Project.
  • Business plans for new gym

Previous projects

Commonwealth Cup concept

A Commonwealth Cup tournament featuring national teams from Commonwealth countries such as England, Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and Jamaica.


South American Super League

Twelve to fourteen South American teams form a super league, the composition of teams being:

  • 5 of the largest/popular clubs from Argentina.
  • 3 of the most popular clubs from Chile.
  • 2 of the largest clubs from Paraguay.
  • 2 of the largest clubs from Uruguay.


UEFA Nations/Challenge Cup

A knock out sudden death cup competition involving all 51 UEFA members. All 51 UEFA nations to go into a simultaneous draw and instantly paired as they are pulled out of the bowl. There is no ranking system applied and the team drawn first plays at home.


Restructuring of Greek League

A restructuring of Greek Leagues, including criteria for stadiums, infrastructure, youth development, better organizations of domestic competitions and developing the regional football scene.


Mediterranean Super league

Libero Consulting, a firm with a keen interest/enthusiasm for the passion play and drama of Southern European football is submitting the following idea/vision, in order to protect clubs which may lose out to the proposed G-14 Super league and the new Atlantic league promoted by PSV Eindhoven, Rangers and Celtic.

The new Mediterranean Super league will feature 16 teams from those passionate, dramatic and hot-blooded heartlands of European football, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.

The league will be made up by 3 to 5 teams from each of the above countries*1: 

  • Italy - Fiorentina, Parma, Roma, Lazio, Sampdoria and Napoli.
  • Spain - Valencia, Athletico Madrid, Atheltico Bilbao,
  • Deportivo La Coruna, Sevilla & Real Betis.
  • Portugal - Benfica, Sporting Lisbon and Boavista
  • Greece - Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, Aek, Paok & Aris.

This league will only be a response if the G-14 or Atlantic clubs go there own way. It will protect the clubs left out of any other super leagues and has the potential to be the most passionate and entertaining league in European football.

It can be run like the Clausura and Apertura style of competition held in Argentina, whereby it is split into two seasons within the year, first 15 rounds making up one season and the second 15 another.

LIBERO - A vision for the passionate Mediterranean game that is Football.

*1 - some of these teams may partake in the G-14 or Atlantic league and will be
precluded from the Mediterranean Super League.